Restoration of Origin

as Received by Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

Now avalable to read in your hands.

This is a transcription of the revived version of Ho'opono'ono, the practice of the giving and receiving of love. As you may have heard of a more famous version, this now revives it to its original offering which is its completion, which it appears that you are now ready for.

Developed within lost history over 200,000 years ago by an original Lemurian Shaman on the continent of Mū, Ho'opono'ono was his development of a technique that he was taught by the Universal Spiritual Universe. For the development and awakening of the balance of all universal systems, and the awakening of what ultimately is the “Self of God”.

This is a practice of responsibility to offer the correction of Love and Forgiveness, a palpable technique to support those struggling with resentments and grievances haunting their life’s experience. By doing this you are learning how to liberate the world from all pain and suffering. When done properly, you will have succeeded.

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